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Etropolis eBikes | Electrify Your Life
Etropolis electronically assisted bicycles.
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Electrify Your Life.

Etropolis eBikes

Who we are

Etropolis eBikes are part of the German “SiG Solar” Group. SiG Solar group is one of Germany’s leading specialists in solar and renewable energy. As well as supplying solar panels and all the related services like building power plants, SiG Solar also offer services and products that cover a whole range of efficient energy usage, like electric mobility, LED technology, energy storage, charging stations and the like. We are experts in this industry.

What we do

Electronic Vehicle Specialists

SiG Solar group has been built around offering innovative, quality products that satisfy customer’s needs. Etropolis eBikes are, therefore, the latest and most up to date designs and specifications utilizing all of the latest technologies. Our team of German and Italian designers, engineers and technicians supervise the production in China, constantly checking that International standards are maintained. You will receive the benefits of the lower cost production in China without having to compromise on quality or performance. Etropolis only make electric vehicles, they are specialists in this sector.

Etropolis eBikes can be used for work, leisure, exercise, the daily commute, or the weekend ride out. eBikes are fast becoming the way to travel, quick enough to get you there and super cheap to run. Add to this the benefits of exercise while you are riding and eBikes really do make a lot of sense. Just pedal like a normal bicycle, and increase or decrease the level of power assistance from the battery to help you along the way. Steep hills or strong headwinds, no need to worry, the added boost from the electric motor will take care of them with ease. Enjoy exercise by riding your eBike, safe in the knowledge that the motor can help you along when you become tired. There are no more excuses for staying on the couch!

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